Got a junk or unwanted vehicle for removal? We can help!
Who we are ?  

JP is a state licensed automotive recycler committed to the eco-friendly automotive recycling industry. We are fully bonded and insured and will store and dismantle your junk car properly in accordance with the local, state, federal, EPA and DNR regulations.

What we buy and how we serve ?  

We buy all years, makes and models of unwanted cars, trucks and vans. We also purchase semi tractors/trailers and various forms heavy equipment. Condition is never an issue.

Feel free to drive or tow in whatever you have or give us a call to come get it for you. In most cases, we offer FREE TOWING and pay you CASH. Clear title or a junking certificate in your name are required.

Junking a car has never been easier! Give us a call today or fill out our simple online form for an instant quote.

What you should know ?  

Each year in the United States over 10 million vehicles reach the end of their life. They need to be disposed of properly as each contains different types of hazardous materials including gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, refrigerant, heavy metals and sometimes mercury. If not disposed of properly, these can be harmful to the air, soil and water. It's our responsibility to remove and recycle our unwanted vehicles the right way to keep our environment clean.

During the recycling process, some auto parts are identified as being able to be rebuilt or resold as refurbished or used parts on the market. The other parts of the vehicle are then shredded and separated and used as raw materials for the production of all types of products. This saves tons of energy worldwide and significantly reduces raw material costs as well as GHG emissions.

Don't let your junk or unwanted car just sit there. Be a Green Pioneer and junk your car properly today!


How fast will you pick up my car?
Usually the same day if you call us before 4:00 PM. Otherwise, the next working day. At the time of pickup we will take care of all the necessary paperwork and, of course, your pay. It usually takes a total of 15 minutes.

How much will you pay for my junk car?
The quote will be determined based on factors such as the condition of your vehicle, year, make, model, and mileage. No vehicle will be denied and we will always offer you our top price. Most vehicles bring between $200 and $400.

Will you still buy my junk car if I don't have my title?
In most cases, a missing title is not a problem. Give us a call and we will guide you on what needs to be done to get your paperwork in order. In most cases, these will not be same day transactions although we will help you to make it as fast as possible.

I lost my keys, what I can do?
No keys necessary!! Let us tow it away.

I am not the owner of the car but I do have the title. How can I junk my car?
First thing first, you need to make it your car. That can only be done by getting it signed over from the actual owner. To avoid extra paperwork and possible filing fees, ask the registered owner to be present at the time of the transaction. All transactions must be done with the registered owner.

Where I live is far away from your location, will you still pick up my car for free?
Currently we can provide the free towing for the Des Moines Metropolitan Area, Polk County and portions of Dallas and Warren counties. Please give us a call to confirm charges based on your location.


to junk your car?

     Please call us now at 515-266-7050 , or , fill out the following simple form and you will get an instant quote .